This picture is from 1969 when Mark bought the Allstate from the previous owner (shown with the car). 


















The following pictures were taken during the early 1980's when Mark was still racing the Allstate.



Now for the pictures of the start of the renovation....  Here is a shot from 2001/2002 with the

renovation just getting started.




Here is a shot of Craig McCoy doing some welding. He built the headers and roll cage,

and he also did  all the tig welding on the car.

Lots of work involved redoing the old fiberglass body parts to get them straight and looking

good.  Also here is a picture of Mark the owner of the car ...... (see insert)


Note the the car now has "bear claw " type hinges installed.  Plus it will also have electric



.Nice fit on the door....plus a beautiful door handle.... originally found on a Jaguar.


Here is a shot of the Dr. Gas ovalized 3.5" exhaust pipe that has been ceramic coated.


Nice selection of Auto-meter gauges..... plus an after market tilt steering column and pedals.


Very nice job on the tin work & roll cage.....


Gel cell battery, B&G electric fuel pump, and heavy duty fuel cell in the trunk area ......


Aluminum radiator, and a beautiful set of coated custom made headers for the Hemi.....


The "Old 472 Hemi"....  continue down the page you will see the new 572 Hemi build !


Here are a few more full length shots of the car showing yet more progress made by Mark!

Love that Hood Scoop....definitely "Old School Gasser"


Yet more pictures with a redo of the left rear quarter panel and stripping the top down to bare metal.


Being the perfectionist and racer that Mark is... he decided maybe he would like to have a few more cubic

inches and a little less weight under the hood than with his current 472 Hemi.

So Mark sold his 472 and is now building a 572 Cubic Inch Hemi (Aluminum Block/Aluminum Head) motor

for the Allstate !!     Knowing Mark.... I'm guessing this new motor may put out somewhere in the range

of 750 Horsepower or more!    Shown below are some of the 572 build pictures.



The new cam & lifters for the 572 Hemi have been Nitrided..... a special process by COMP CamsŪ to   

provide better durability and prevent premature failure (nothing but the best for this Hemi). 


Here is Mark after completeing the 572 engine build.   All I can say is "WOW... that is One Bad Ass Motor".


Update May 2009...    The new engine with "Rat Roaster" intake is installed in the chassis. 

It is awaiting some tricked out carbs and linkage !!


Update July 2009 - installed mockup carbs to check for fit and clearance ......


Update July 2009 - Here is a picture showing the installation of the emergency brake.


Here is a picture showing the racing bucket seats in place. Notice that the dash is out being wired up.


Looks like we now have new or refurbished tail lights in place !



Shown below are pictures of the carburetor fuel lines and linkage that Mark fabricated.....


Nov. 2009... More progress.... shown below is a picture of the new steering wheel..... very Nice!


And here is Mark behind the new steering wheel !!


Time to go out for front-end alignment and tire clearance confirmation....